Village of Lyndonville

Notes from the Village Hall

Stephen McAvoy, a Village Board member of twenty years-the last four as Mayor, has resigned his position effective October 31, 2015.  Accordingly, the Deputy Mayor will handle the duties of the Mayor until the Board of Trustees, by Village Law, appoints a Mayor to fill the remainder of Mr. McAvoy’s term, to March 2016.  At that time, a General Election will be held for the positions of Mayor and three Trustees.  -  James Tuk - Deputy Mayor

11/10/2015 -

01/06/2016 -

The Village Board decided to not fill the vacancy created by the resignation of the Mayor.  The Deputy Mayor assumes the duties of the Mayor until the General Election for Mayor and 2 Trustees in March of 2016  -  James Tuk - Deputy Mayor

11/2/2015 -

A new year is upon us and the Village Board is looking forward to improvements to some of our Village properties. Details to be outlined in another post.

So, for the first time, a year end review:

The DPW was busy as usual, maintaining the water and sewer plants, cutting grass, getting unsafe trees removed and designating sidewalk sections for replacement. Eagle Street was re paved, Miller Drive and Lynwood were micro paved. 15 Eagle Street was demolished as it was unsafe, the cost being borne by Village taxpayers.The current owner could not pay for it. Demolition by the Village is proscribed in Village law.

A mixer was installed to prevent ice buildup in the water storage tower.

The DPW also prepared Main Street for the July 4th parade and Veterans’ Park for “Christmas in Lyndonville.”

The Board dealt with Local Laws-repealing, updating and amending. We also amended the Zoning map as there were some inconsistencies.

The current accounting system, approved in 2011, has been scrapped in favor of a more efficient and user friendly application. KVS had many shortcomings: costs to use it kept increasing, add ons were expensive and customer service quality decreased. The Board has authorized full annual audits since the OSC audit of 2012 in order to assure that we are in compliance with government regulations. The administration prior to 2012 did not conduct full annual audits which caused many problems i.e. questionable numbers. This year we will finally produce the correct results.

Water rates remain as they were approved in 2006. The only change-no forgiveness for high water bills. Users need to read the annual report for keys to controlling water usage and preventing leaks.  -  James Tuk - Deputy Mayor

March is a busy month in the life of the Village: first event is a General election with multiple candidates vying for positions on the Board of Trustees-to govern for the next four years; secondly, is drafting a budget for the 2017 fiscal year. It is always a challenge to keep the tax rate low while meeting the needs of residents. New York State imposes a Tax cap based upon the current CPI which is a target but sometimes must be overridden. And lastly, Spring arrives on the 20th! Good bye snow, hello grass. -  James Tuk - Deputy Mayor

03/09/2016 -